I was scared!!!

Hello everybody! Today’s blog was quite hard to write because I normally do not like to say that I am was scared but I decided to write about it because I think It might help some people .So it was my first day of 11th grade (on 1 august) the night before I was sitting on my bed thinking about a million things at once my brain was full of questions like “how to make friends?” “what type of people I am going to meet?” what teachers I am going to get?” or “if people will think I am not good enough or not”  and one thing that was buzzing me more than anything was that I am not capable of sitting with these people but then I took a deep breath as it was too much to take  and said the following lines out loud in front of a mirror “ you are worth it and nobody can say that you are not capable because you are.” I kept repeating this until I felt confidant but this was not enough, I felt confidant but still I was worried about making friends as i don’t like to talk strangers or basically people (face to face).This thought kept me awake the whole nigh but in the morning I was too nervous to feel tired. As I entered the college building I see people smiling and talking to each other then these two girls came to me and asked my name and what classes i am talking and from their I realized that in the end everything falls into place and even if you don’t find friends right away just trust the timing of your life. I know it’s the start of school year and everybody is going back to school which can be a bit scary but if you don’t feel confident then fake it, I was reading girl online just few days before my school and I got this Idea of alter ego so if you feel really anxious you try that method (and I would totally recommend reading online girl).I hope you are doing great i kind of pissed as people are still on their summer holidays while i am studying.Are you still on vacation? Let me know in the comment box below.

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Chopping my hair off!!!

Hey. It’s been a long time since I last posted I think about 10 days or something. Hope you all are doing well. Honesty last 2 weeks has been tough whenever I open my laptop to write a blog I just feel like I am stuck. When I am doing other things I have all these Ideas for my blog, sometimes I don’t write them down but mostly I do write them down In a note book but whenever I open my laptop and decide that I am going to write something my brain just won’t work and it feels like am stuck in this moment like the world is moving I just cannot move ughh … but today finally I am writing something and how my brain just started working suddenly? Well I don’t even know, its 2:00 am and I am sitting on my bed writing this blog, my brain is just weird like that, if you have any tips on this please leave them in comment box below. Btw in my blog “I am excited” I said I am going to post a haul but I didn’t do it because I thought that it will be weird to post just 2 or 3 things as a haul.

But I have a news for you guys that I just chopped all of my hair ( I mean not ALL of them).I use to have pretty long hair like till the middle of my back and now I have really short hair (they don’t even touch my shoulders) and trust me I was in shock and just as I got out of the hair salon I started crying I know that probably sounds really stupid but I was in shock but now I kind of like it, honestly I use to think that short hair styles are easier to style but nope they are harder as basically you cannot do anything with them.

This week am really trying to get ready for school, I am kind of stressed it’s my 11th year  I have to study really hard and  new people and basically everything new I am stressed because I am really bad at making friends.

If you have any tips or questions or if you have any suggestions for back to school blogs please leave then down in the comment box below.

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Review: Beauty care massager


Attachments and accessories:

  1. Sandpaper massage head
  2. Latex soft sponge
  3. Make cleaner sponge
  4. Rolling massager
  5. A soft brush


What I like:

  1. It comes with 5 different heads in a very low price.
  2. Easy to clean.
  3. Easy to use.
  4. For the most part dose what it says
  5. removes makeup.

What I don’t like:

  1. comes in a cheap packing and there’s no carry bag.
  2. Batteries drain out quickly
  3. Sandpaper massage head is ineffective for me.

What I think:

I think it is a good product for the price we are paying, it does what it says but the sand paper head is not that effective and I wish that the brush was a little soft.

My advice:

  1. Do not use it near the eye as it can be dangerous.
  2. Do not use on your pimples.



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Story time: Sooo….I fainted!!

So as this blog is about my life today’s blog post will be a story time about when I fainted in the middle of a mall 7 months ago.

Disclaimer: By no means I want to scare anyone I am just telling what happened to me.

About 8 months ago I asked my mum that “if I score good on my finals can I get a piercing?” and she said yes and after one month I got and a+ on my finals so as a treat my mom took me for shopping to a shopping mall and there I saw a piercing shop so I asked my mum that can I get my upper lobe pierce here? and she agreed so we got an appointment and sat there for our turn but then I realized  that I haven’t eaten because I was so excited about the results and shopping I just couldn’t eat the breakfast or even lunch so I was empty stomach in a piercing shopping waiting to get pierced (and just putting it out there I know that it’s wrong to get a piercing on an empty stomach especially for people with low pain tolerance like me but I was too excited to care) I sat in the chair and the piercing guy said “ok I am going to do it now” and in  like 30 seconds he was done(tbh the piercing itself was not painful at all) I sat on a chair while mum was paying, after 5 minutes I started to feel a little dizzy ,I stood up from the chair and the last thing I remember saying was “ammi mujhe chakar arahe hai” which means “mom I feel dizzy” and then after that all I remember is me walking up in middle of a piercing shop and literally everybody! EVEYBODY! was staring me, I couldn’t understand what was going on and  I fainted  again after that I woke up in my car and we were in front of a hospital btw I am aright It was just because I was empty stomach so guys what lesson do we get? Don’t ever get a piercing empty stomach.

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How to feel better after being sick

Hey guys so this week I have been sick and thank God I feel a bit better now 🙂 and these are some of the things I like to do after being sick or you can also do them after a stressful day to relax yourself.

  1. Treat yourself

If I really feel out of energy one thing I do is eat a home cooked delicious meal or sometimes I like to shop it can really drive your attention and make you feel good.

  1. Take care of yourself

Take all your home spa supplies and have a relaxing spa day at home or go to a real spa if not then just take relaxing bath, paint your nails and do a mask.

  1. Watch a movie

Go put on a nice movie, call your best friends and enjoy the movie with some popcorn and other snacks.

  1. Nap

Yes! Take a long nap and just relax.

  1. Clean

Weirdly one of my Favorite things to do after getting better from sickness is to clean it gives me a really refreshing feeling.

Some other things that you can do:

  1. Bake.
  2. Read.
  3. Listen to music.
  4. Go out.

Thanks for reading if you have any questions or suggestions leave them in the comment box.

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I am so excited!!!

Hey guys first I am sorry for this blog as I am writing this blog really late at night and I am pretty sure it’s going to be crappy but I am too excited to not share this, so today I went to a craft and stationary market and I bought some stuff which got me really excited because I love craft supplies I don’t know what I am going to do with it  but whatever and not only that there was a shop of like beauty stuff so I bought this really cheap face massage machine  which I have literally seen everywhere and I wanted that for so long, so I decided to buy a cheap one and see how I like it and if I like it I will maybe buy a good one and yes I am going to do a review on that after a week so I can really test it and then give a review and a small craft supply haul is also coming soon ,I don’t know why I am really excited to use the massage machine.

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Hey! These are just my thoughts about confusing feelings, nothing personal 🙂

You know what is the hardest thing to explain and the hardest thing to understand? Feelings yes feelings! Like when you were 6 and you saw that boy/girl in your classroom and you felt like there is something special, that he/she is the one you love but no these feelings they confuse us because after some years when you were in middle school you started liking someone else and then in high school you are liking/dating a completely different person, so why? Why do we feel the same feelings with all these different people? Why don’t we feel special and loved with only and only the right one why do we feel this love and then get broken why this person enters in your life and loves you, gives all the best of him or her and then leave , just get out of your life like nothing ever happened and this is why a lot of people in this world are scared of being loved, scared of catching feelings sacred of loving some which is one thing that you should not be scared of, one thing that you should do openly with all your heart without any insecurity that others are going to leave you but instead the ratio of people loving each other is much lower that people hating each other. And why those people who are suppose to love you sometimes hurt you so much that you don’t even love yourself ,why these people who say that they are always going to love you break you apart so much that you cannot even fix yourself?

I am talking about love and feelings not only between a girl and a boy, am talking about every relationship whether it’s with your mom or with your sibling or just any one.

if you don’t agree then remember that these are my views or opinion

This is what I wrote which lead me to writing this blog

I tried not to,

Think about you

I tried not to,

Show it

I tried not to,

Love you

But I end up trying not to,

Wake up.


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Finally it’s raining

Hey!! How are you guys are doing? I am doing absolutely amazing because it’s RAINING finally, let me you I love rain and specially the after rain smell and the best part was that when it was raining both my best friends were at my house and we decided to go out in the rain and enjoy the rain to its fullest after dancing and acting crazy in the rain we all sat in my room and watched some movies and drank tea and by just doing these simple things we had so much fun and here we can realized that fun is not associated with the place or money but what really matters is the people you are with.


AND a not so exciting news its summer and I have to study but I can’t say anything because this brilliant idea was mine but it’s for my good as my school is starting from 1st august I decided to start studying because this year I have chemistry, physics and pre-engineering math’s and I really really want to score good so have to work hard I know this might sounds a bit nerdy to some people but to be honest beside the reason  I want to score good I just am really bored and have nothing to do and that I like to study but I hate school, I will keep you guys update about my studying.

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Two things that you should remember!!

Hey guys! How are you all doing in this blog I will be talking about being positive to know more keep reading.

  1. Don’t stop until you are proud:

I say this because I think the only obstacle stopping you from anything should be your success and that you should not related success with money or fame, to me success means being proud of what you do and what you have.


  1. Just because my path is different doesn’t mean that I am lost:

I believe that if people are questioning you or criticizing you should be strong and always remember the really reason behind whatever you are doing and should continue doing it until and unless it can harm you or others, As everybody in this world is different and if they are criticizing you for something then remember that your way is different and unique then everyone and not everybody is going to like it so just try to ignore negative comments and situations and be grateful for the people on your side and the people who love you.


(If you don’t agree with anything I said in this blog remember that these are my views on these quotes)

Thanks for reading if you have any questions or suggestions leave them in the comment box.

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Getting into reading?!!

Hey guys!! Today as you can tell by the title I realized that I am getting into reading so first I have to tell you that I am not much of a reader I mean I read blogs and a few books here and there but not a lot of them. last week I got the book “Fangirl” by “Rainbow Rowell” from my local book shop in paperback quality as I don’t read much so I didn’t really want to buy a hard cover book, I really like the book and her writing style so got two more “attachments” and “landline” both by “Rainbow Rowell” also I really want to read “Eleanor and park”. If you can suggest any other writer or books please comment below or on my instagram my user name is “theanonymousgirlwrites”.


Thank you so much for reading and if you have any questions or suggestions leave tell in the comment box.

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