I was scared!!!

Hello everybody! Today’s blog was quite hard to write because I normally do not like to say that I am was scared but I decided to write about it because I think It might help some people .So it was my first day of 11th grade (on 1 august) the night before I was sitting on my bed thinking about a million things at once my brain was full of questions like “how to make friends?” “what type of people I am going to meet?” what teachers I am going to get?” or “if people will think I am not good enough or not”  and one thing that was buzzing me more than anything was that I am not capable of sitting with these people but then I took a deep breath as it was too much to take  and said the following lines out loud in front of a mirror “ you are worth it and nobody can say that you are not capable because you are.” I kept repeating this until I felt confidant but this was not enough, I felt confidant but still I was worried about making friends as i don’t like to talk strangers or basically people (face to face).This thought kept me awake the whole nigh but in the morning I was too nervous to feel tired. As I entered the college building I see people smiling and talking to each other then these two girls came to me and asked my name and what classes i am talking and from their I realized that in the end everything falls into place and even if you don’t find friends right away just trust the timing of your life. I know it’s the start of school year and everybody is going back to school which can be a bit scary but if you don’t feel confident then fake it, I was reading girl online just few days before my school and I got this Idea of alter ego so if you feel really anxious you try that method (and I would totally recommend reading online girl).I hope you are doing great i kind of pissed as people are still on their summer holidays while i am studying.Are you still on vacation? Let me know in the comment box below.

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Getting into reading?!!

Hey guys!! Today as you can tell by the title I realized that I am getting into reading so first I have to tell you that I am not much of a reader I mean I read blogs and a few books here and there but not a lot of them. last week I got the book “Fangirl” by “Rainbow Rowell” from my local book shop in paperback quality as I don’t read much so I didn’t really want to buy a hard cover book, I really like the book and her writing style so got two more “attachments” and “landline” both by “Rainbow Rowell” also I really want to read “Eleanor and park”. If you can suggest any other writer or books please comment below or on my instagram my user name is “theanonymousgirlwrites”.


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Simply me.

 A Big Celebration!!!

Hey there!! So this week or last four days I have been sooooo busy because it’s EID! Oh god yesterday like about 20 guests came and it was hectic but a lot of fun like meeting your family, the food and presents it’s like Christmas. so for those people who don’t really know what eid is it is a holiday of Muslims which comes after Ramadan (holy month).we fast for 29 or 30 days in Ramadan and then as a present for fasting we celebrate eid in which everybody wears new clothes, apply henna, pray, eat lots of sweets etc and all the elders give presents or money (eidi) to everyone.And the most exciting thing is today my friends are coming its been so long since i last met them, Really miss them 😦

As I have been eating a lot of sweets and drinking a lot of sodas in the last month so  I was thinking to not have any sweets or chocolate and sodas for the next month I think it will be a bit hard for me as I love chocolates I will keep you guys updated on that.

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Simply me.


This is my second blog so I decided to tell some facts about myself.

  1. I am fifteen years old.
  2. I am obsessed with you tube.
  3. I love chai tea.
  4. I am a directioner.
  5. i am not stage confident but I am not shy in general.
  6. I believe in god.
  7. i have hazel eyes
  8. I love to draw but I don’t draw really well.

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Simply me.



Hey! So I have been planning to make my own blog from a long time and today finally I am here. As an introduction to my blog I would like you to tell what kind of blogs I am going to post, so for the most part I am not going to post daily or weekly as I don’t think that my life is that exciting but I will try my best to post at least once a week I will mostly blog about what I did in the following week or if something happened etc and I think I am going to post some facts about me or favorites. If you have some suggestions you can leave them in the comment box.


Hey. I am simply me a girl from Pakistan who is going share her life with you, sad and happy here on my blog. I am fifteen I just gave my tenth grade exams. I have two best friends. I live a pretty simple life with my parents and two sisters and hope you would like to join this is journey with me.

Thanks for reading

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