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If something bad happens something good will come out of it.

I lost my best friend. All my school life I had one best friend we were friends from the first day of school and we stuck together for thirteen years. we were great friends. You must be thinking wow a friendship of that many years must be so strong and I was thinking the same thing but well……

When people come up to you and say that either they are “done” with you or that the friendship or relationship is “over” it hurts, you feel miserable you feel like someone stabbed a knife through your heart but you know what hurts the most or more is that when someone doesn’t even think that you are important enough for the last good bye, when some just doesn’t give a damn, when someone knows that they are hurting you and making you  cry every night but they still don’t care.Yeah something just like that happen with me and I don’t even know why and what really happened I just know that one day my best friend stopped talking to me.It all started when we both decided to chose different High schools as I was in a private school and she wanted to go for a government school but I never thought that that would affect our friend ship I thought we will still hangout or at least talk but suddenly she stopped talking to me and I tried to know why but her cold reaction was enough to break me into pieces I felt alone I felt like it will never be the same again and that I would never trust someone. And this all made me realize that just like there are toxic relationships there are toxic friendships too and I was in one, but I got out of it I left that chapter of my book and moved on and no it was not easy it took me six months but I did move on and I don’t want to be in that situation again.

But the real reason I am writing this blog is not to tell you my story but the reason is to share that things changed and how I went from feeling alone to feeling blessed. so after some months I started my high school and I was not there to get new friends but these last three months of my life made me realize that “if something bad happens something good will for sure come in return” I found a friend or I would really like to say my best friend, at first I could not trust anyone to be my new best friend to be anything for me but he really proved that there are still good people out there and that time really doesn’t matter in friendships because someone who you are friends with from years can really break you and someone you know only from a few weeks can change the way you look at situations.

I thought I should share this as you might be going through something similar but just know that the world doesn’t end there you have other people who care about you and who can understand you it might be hard right now but it will get better.


It has been a month.

It has been a month that I haven’t posted anything not even on my instagram I don’t know if some has noticed that in this sea of people of the internet but well I am back and this is my post explaining what was going on so there are two main reasons to not post because firstly my uncle was really ill and he passed away (RIP) which was kind of hard to accept and the second reason is  that the same week I had my midterm exams which to be honest went bad and I  am worried about grades, this is  all that happed in 3 weeks but last week I was having a writer’s block I mean I had Ideas and all but I just couldn’t focus. and following is just my rant about life:

Life is just getting so weird day by day that people don’t even have time to stop and think about what is happening around them or with them or they don’t even realize what they are really doing but we all are just doing something and we don’t know the reason behind it we are just doing it because we have to and this is our life but in my opinion waking up everyday doing the same thing again and again is not what life is, life is way more than just barely living or life is more that just being okay and fine and if you think for me life would be expensive cars and big houses then you are wrong for me life is “moving” and by that I mean that I don’t want my life to be stuck in one simple routine I want to have fun and laugh about stupid things, I don’t want expensive abroad vacations but want to make people smile and yes I know that is such a cheesy and over used line but in a nut shell I want to be happy and that I want to LIVE my life .


I was scared!!!

Hello everybody! Today’s blog was quite hard to write because I normally do not like to say that I am was scared but I decided to write about it because I think It might help some people .So it was my first day of 11th grade (on 1 august) the night before I was sitting on my bed thinking about a million things at once my brain was full of questions like “how to make friends?” “what type of people I am going to meet?” what teachers I am going to get?” or “if people will think I am not good enough or not”  and one thing that was buzzing me more than anything was that I am not capable of sitting with these people but then I took a deep breath as it was too much to take  and said the following lines out loud in front of a mirror “ you are worth it and nobody can say that you are not capable because you are.” I kept repeating this until I felt confidant but this was not enough, I felt confidant but still I was worried about making friends as i don’t like to talk strangers or basically people (face to face).This thought kept me awake the whole nigh but in the morning I was too nervous to feel tired. As I entered the college building I see people smiling and talking to each other then these two girls came to me and asked my name and what classes i am talking and from their I realized that in the end everything falls into place and even if you don’t find friends right away just trust the timing of your life. I know it’s the start of school year and everybody is going back to school which can be a bit scary but if you don’t feel confident then fake it, I was reading girl online just few days before my school and I got this Idea of alter ego so if you feel really anxious you try that method (and I would totally recommend reading online girl).I hope you are doing great i kind of pissed as people are still on their summer holidays while i am studying.Are you still on vacation? Let me know in the comment box below.

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Story time: Sooo….I fainted!!

So as this blog is about my life today’s blog post will be a story time about when I fainted in the middle of a mall 7 months ago.

Disclaimer: By no means I want to scare anyone I am just telling what happened to me.

About 8 months ago I asked my mum that “if I score good on my finals can I get a piercing?” and she said yes and after one month I got and a+ on my finals so as a treat my mom took me for shopping to a shopping mall and there I saw a piercing shop so I asked my mum that can I get my upper lobe pierce here? and she agreed so we got an appointment and sat there for our turn but then I realized  that I haven’t eaten because I was so excited about the results and shopping I just couldn’t eat the breakfast or even lunch so I was empty stomach in a piercing shopping waiting to get pierced (and just putting it out there I know that it’s wrong to get a piercing on an empty stomach especially for people with low pain tolerance like me but I was too excited to care) I sat in the chair and the piercing guy said “ok I am going to do it now” and in  like 30 seconds he was done(tbh the piercing itself was not painful at all) I sat on a chair while mum was paying, after 5 minutes I started to feel a little dizzy ,I stood up from the chair and the last thing I remember saying was “ammi mujhe chakar arahe hai” which means “mom I feel dizzy” and then after that all I remember is me walking up in middle of a piercing shop and literally everybody! EVEYBODY! was staring me, I couldn’t understand what was going on and  I fainted  again after that I woke up in my car and we were in front of a hospital btw I am aright It was just because I was empty stomach so guys what lesson do we get? Don’t ever get a piercing empty stomach.

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