Review: Beauty care massager


Attachments and accessories:

  1. Sandpaper massage head
  2. Latex soft sponge
  3. Make cleaner sponge
  4. Rolling massager
  5. A soft brush


What I like:

  1. It comes with 5 different heads in a very low price.
  2. Easy to clean.
  3. Easy to use.
  4. For the most part dose what it says
  5. removes makeup.

What I don’t like:

  1. comes in a cheap packing and there’s no carry bag.
  2. Batteries drain out quickly
  3. Sandpaper massage head is ineffective for me.

What I think:

I think it is a good product for the price we are paying, it does what it says but the sand paper head is not that effective and I wish that the brush was a little soft.

My advice:

  1. Do not use it near the eye as it can be dangerous.
  2. Do not use on your pimples.



Thanks for reading if you have any questions or suggestions leave them in the comment box.
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