Story time: Sooo….I fainted!!

So as this blog is about my life today’s blog post will be a story time about when I fainted in the middle of a mall 7 months ago.

Disclaimer: By no means I want to scare anyone I am just telling what happened to me.

About 8 months ago I asked my mum that “if I score good on my finals can I get a piercing?” and she said yes and after one month I got and a+ on my finals so as a treat my mom took me for shopping to a shopping mall and there I saw a piercing shop so I asked my mum that can I get my upper lobe pierce here? and she agreed so we got an appointment and sat there for our turn but then I realized  that I haven’t eaten because I was so excited about the results and shopping I just couldn’t eat the breakfast or even lunch so I was empty stomach in a piercing shopping waiting to get pierced (and just putting it out there I know that it’s wrong to get a piercing on an empty stomach especially for people with low pain tolerance like me but I was too excited to care) I sat in the chair and the piercing guy said “ok I am going to do it now” and in  like 30 seconds he was done(tbh the piercing itself was not painful at all) I sat on a chair while mum was paying, after 5 minutes I started to feel a little dizzy ,I stood up from the chair and the last thing I remember saying was “ammi mujhe chakar arahe hai” which means “mom I feel dizzy” and then after that all I remember is me walking up in middle of a piercing shop and literally everybody! EVEYBODY! was staring me, I couldn’t understand what was going on and  I fainted  again after that I woke up in my car and we were in front of a hospital btw I am aright It was just because I was empty stomach so guys what lesson do we get? Don’t ever get a piercing empty stomach.

Thanks for reading if you have any questions or suggestions leave them in the comment box.

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  1. Oh that’s why it’s important to eat breakfast. You should always carry with a chocolate bar or something to eat to avoid that kind of accidents😚 Btw I want an upper lobe piercing sooo bad 🤗🙈. Do you still have it? Was it painful after? Great post

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